Common Seo Myths Debunked

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is gaining popularity, and every business is investing in this strategy to enhance its marketing skills. However, the growth of SEO attracts equal seo myths and misunderstandings. Unfortunately, seo myths distract business owners and even bar some businesses from enjoying the benefits of search engine optimisation. We speak to Jason Boyd to debunk some of these myths:

Focusing on SEO drives all leads
Unfortunately, this must be one of the most common seo myths out there. Some businesses believe that committing their entire budget to SEO generates all the leads they require. On the contrary, SEO should be one of the pillars of an integrated marketing strategy to help businesses get excellent results. Consequently, exposure and messaging have an integral role in SEO.

SEO is free traffic
The other common misunderstanding about SEO is that it is free traffic, which is absurd. A business that wants to benefit from free organic traffic ought to invest a lot of resources, such as technical expertise, time and technology to help them rank well in high-value traffic. You need to invest in your website, content, and consultants to enjoy free traffic; it does not come that easily.

Meta descriptions are a ranking factor
It is one of the common seo myths you will come across. Meta descriptions are essential for click-through rates, which are vital in direct ranking. However, a Meta description by itself is not a critical factor for page ranks; you require other components of SEO to achieve that.

Higher rankings mean more money than before
Some organizations have this common misconception that higher visibility in search engines automatically results in increased revenue, which is far from the truth. Many keywords have different search volumes and different levels of buyer intent, which significantly impacts the bottom line. The website should be user-friendly because user experience on your website substantially impacts your ranking. Your business could be ranked number one, but users visit a poorly designed site that is not user-friendly.
Similarly, don’t be deceived that the more backlinks you have, the better for your SEO. What matters most is the quality of backlinks because it impacts the quality. Businesses should focus on high authority websites to enhance their rankings.

Exact match domains have an advantage
Some organizations believe that exact match domains are a boost for a specific keyword or potential ranking signals. On the contrary, any website or brand has the potential of ranking for a relevant keyword. Businesses with poor-quality sites are prevented from ranking because their domain names have keywords.

Armed with the truth about SEO, you are now in a better position to invest in it to enhance your business presence. Do not let these seo myths prevent you from gaining a competitive advantage. Also, ensure that you offer value to your target audience.

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