What are the Common Types of Pests to Exterminate?

Pest extermination services are seeing a rapid increase in popularity – but this isn’t actually a bad thing. What it means is that there are more insects out there in the wild, which means that the environments are starting to suffer less as a result of human interference. As reassuring as that can be, there’s no denying that pests, creepy crawlies and critters can be ridiculously irritating; especially if they make their way into your home uninvited!

Types of Pests to Exterminate

There are literally dozens of insects, mammals, rodents and even reptiles that can be gotten rid of with the help of a fully licensed pest control agency. Rather than listing them all, we’ll provide information on the most common, when they can attack and how a pest controller can help to get rid of them.


Creepy crawlies like ants, termites, fleas, ticks, lice and cockroaches cause the biggest problem for home owners. The worst thing about these types of infestations is that once they take hold, it won’t take long for them to establish a nest and all but refuse to vacate your premises. Thankfully, pest controllers often specialise in getting rid of these insects and they can do so with traps, deterrents and fumigation solutions.


Unlike insects, reptiles often invade homes individually – but coming face to face with a potentially venomous snake is no less daunting to have to come to terms with. A good pest removal service will try to capture the reptile (be it a snake or a lizard) and instead of killing it, they should relocate it to a more suitable place. This could be a sanctuary, or back out into the wild, but away from people’s homes.


Rodents like mice and rats can be a nightmare to deal with – especially if they find somewhere safe and warm in your property to call home. As harmless as they might seem, they have a nasty habit of leaving droppings behind them, as well as the potential to carry germs and bacteria that can take a drastic toll on the health of those around them. A good pest control agency will be able to trap them and hopefully remove them humanely.


Some mammals like racoons and possums have an uncanny habit of making their way into people’s homes through the smallest of crevices and then making an absolute nuisance of themselves. The worst thing about these types of animals is that they can be pretty aggressive if confronted; often attacking children and pets if given the chance. To avoid this it’s worth getting in touch with a pest extermination agency. These animals are considered pests, so it is legal (and sometimes preferred) to eradicate them – but if you like, a good control agency might be willing to trap and remove them humanely instead.


Any flying animal making a nest in a home can cause a nuisance. From the droppings that they leave behind, to the noise and mess that commonly go hand in hand with their infestations. Some control companies will try to remove the birds without harming them (and in some cases this can be a legal requirement, as when dealing with endangered species). Others might prefer to rid the pests from a property with poisons and traps, as will likely be the case with pigeons and crows.

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